Barn End Private Residence


Newby Bridge is a small English village on the River Leven at the southern end of Lake Windermere. It takes its name from a five-arched stone bridge built across the river in 1651. Situated at the heart of the Lake District National Park, Newby Bridge enjoys beautiful surroundings and makes an excellent base for outdoor activities.

On raised ground, just outside the village, sits Barn End, a remarkable two-storey home completed in 2013. The owner has finished it to the highest standard, paying infinite attention to every detail, including the magnificent glass railings installed on a balcony and terrace.

About the project
The house is constructed principally from stone and timber. A large terrace at ground-floor level and a grand covered balcony at first-floor level command stunning views of the landscaped and tree-planted grounds.

Wightman Engineering was the installer for the project. They had worked with Elite Reiling System successfully in the past, and asked John Coward Architects to source high-grade balcony and terrace railings from them for Barn End.

Easy Glass Slim is a premium glass railing solution with a highly affordable price tag. It provides a minimalist look with maximum transparency. Wightman requested the fascia-mount base shoe from this system, adding a round-profile stainless steel cap rail. For an even more stylish effect, they had the base shoes powder coated in a light grey colour to match the stone façade of the building.